RAP WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! But I was wondering what your favorite bands are and their guitarist. My current favorite metal band is definitely All That Remains. They're amazing, and so is their guitarist Oli Herbert. Unlike many nearly talentless guitarists who can play fast/shred without being able to write a song worth a **** *COUGH* Synyster Gates *COUGH*, he puts lots of time and thought into his solos, and they are always perfectly put together.
So what is your favorite band, guitarist, and why
I don't think I could possibly choose a favourite band....but for me, nobody can play a solo like David Gilmour.....its aetherial....
I really like this one guy named Getyourheadoutofyourass.
Also wrong forum.
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Man why do you gotta talk crap about Syn Gates? Hes my favorite. Alexi Laiho is a close second
Are u seriously looking to start a flame war? I mean c'mon all it takes is one person and all hell is gunna break loose in this thread!
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also, synyster beats the **** out of oli whats his faces detuned nu-metal crap.

Hell yeah he does
my favorite band is definitely Tool, i love how they are all together, all the time, they work in perfect unison and it works so well. they also make odd time signatures sound so natural.

but when it comes to guitarist, i would have to say Paul Gilbert. he is an AMAZINGLY talented guitarist technically, but he doesn't overuse it or saturated it.

i also agree about David Gilmour, truly an amazing guitarist.
I like the guitarist in Gym Class Heroes.
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