I have a microkorg synth, and recently I have listening to a lot of chiptune groups such as Crystal Castles, and Covox, I was wondering, are there any programs that anyone knows about that I can use on my computer that has 8-bit sounds for my mkorg, I have reason, and it has a few, but I need a lot of them,

or, what would be even more useful is if you could tell me how to make the 8-bit sounds using the korg's settings.

I kinda want something like this


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I think most people hook up actual hardware usually? You might be able to hook some of your cartridges into it or something if you had the cables I think...
You should check out some of the www.8bitpeoples.com artists. Its all under the creative commons lisense too (Free downloading as long as you dont profit!) BitShifter, Random, Anamanaguchi (sp?), Nullsleep, and RushJet1 are some of my favorite artists there. Man... too bad I couldn't go to Blip Festival.
i know for a fact that crystal castles modded an atari into their synth
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Quote by seargentkitty
i know for a fact that crystal castles modded an atari into their synth

A lot that I know of have gameboys connected to them also.
Go get a version of LSDJ if you're really serious about chiptune stuff. I used to own a MicroKorg and I know for a fact there's a way to switch to an 8-bit sound. Just read through the manual and try to find out which setting it is.
it should have a "moog" setting use that and tweak with it. you can get awesome blips and beeps when you mess with the sine wave form of a moog.
Okay thanks!

I am trying to get an 8-bit band set up with a singer and a drummer, and what good is an 8-bit band without 8-bit :P