I was looking for an amp foralternative rock, classic rock, and hard rock. I saw this amp and i wanted ur guys past experinces with this amp or if u guys have any other suggestions they r welcome.
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dude, if youre looking in that price range, get a Peavey Vypyr 15 watt...
For $50 more you could get a B-52 AT series tube amp, or some other various used tube amps like the Fender Hot Rod Deville, Crate Vintage Club series, or some other option. I demo'd an Epiphone Les Paul on one of those awhile back and found it sterile sounding, with fuzzy gain and nigh useless tone controls. The construction was crap as well, as it was rattling. You get a much better value in terms of tone with a similarly priced tube amp.
ive played one at GC and at a local music shop before. i play similar styles as you and i find it to my liking. i dont own one so i dont know about durability etc. but it sounds good to me. i would look at some other amps in the price range though. maybe a roland cube or a tube-combo like the VOX Valvetronix series, i have a vox and its really nice.
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I have it and i love it. It gets decently loud and the clean tones you can get are really really nice. The high gain channel reminds me of the sound you can drive out of a mesa. I recomend
I've played my friend's quite a bit, it's a pretty decent amp. Pretty impressive as far as solid state goes, and I love the footswitch.