Hey everyone,
So i just bought this beautiful new 2008 American Deluxe Strat. I love the feel and everything but I can't seem to get rid of fret buzz to a level where the action is suitable. Now I had the guitar set up like two days ago by the ppl who sold the guitar to me. I told them to keep the action low but to greatly reduce fret buzz. Heres the thing though, they kind of didnt.... and now im kind of angry because (especially when i play power chords) fret buzz is heard pretty distinctly even when plugged into an amp. Any suggestions? I've fiddeled around the truss rod, and the bridge saddles to no suitable avail. thanks.

how long have you been playing guitar? could be a finger strength issue
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ya I have this too after I changed the strings on my guitar recently, kinda dont mind it actually.. :P but I wouldn't mind getting rid of it lol
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how long have you been playing guitar? could be a finger strength issue
It's an American standard so I have a hunch he's fairly experienced. If it's new then take it back otherwise you may need to get a fret job and recrown done
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Ive been playing for almost a year now, it's not a finger strength issue because, for example, when i play on the 10th fret on the E string with my finger pressing pretty hard, if i hit the note with a pick it buzzes. Ok so you guys are saying that I should take it back? the guy at the store said that and i quote "you have to understand that stratocasters will buzz" is he full of s***? I'm not sure what to do because i got such a good deal on it (was like 900 dollars with tax)...Oh and I changed the strings like three days ago or so.
Take it back to the shop to get it properly setup (act like you're really angry). Or return the guitar and try to find same model that doesn't have issues with fret buzz (you could've gotten a lemon).

Good luck
Yeah I'm thinking of like storming the building after this kind of bs setup lol...yeah i think ill do that.
Also, Im not sure if this is worth mentioning, but the fret buzz is wayyyyy worse when i hit the string on the upstroke. not sure if this is normal or not but its pretty annoying...anyways idk if i shud return it or not....
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Yeah I'm thinking of like storming the building after this kind of bs setup lol...yeah i think ill do that.

Please don't do this. I doubt the people at the shop did a poor job at setting up your guitar since adjusting action is simple. You have to understand that some guitars will have flaws that cause them to buzz and no matter of adjusting will get you buzz free AND low action. If yours is one of these, they probably did all they could. Did you play the guitar before you bought it? Regardless you should politely ask them for another setup (they SHOULD help you out for free since youre having problems with one of their new guitars) and if that doesn't fix it then return the guitar and get a new one that doesn't buzz (play it before you buy it).

EDIT: It could be a truss rod issue as well, ask them to check that out. When I get a setup at my shop they specifically ask you what you want done, so depending on what you told them the people at your shop may not have checked it.
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Yeah I was just joking lol, but yeah I figure ill get it set up again by them, hopefully this time they can take a look at truss rod, etc. the weird thing is that I just played my squire strat that I had and it much less buzz than this new American...which is weird. yeah i did play the guitar before hand but i figured the buzz was due to the fact that the strings were probably on the guitar for months on end or whatever. but when i changed the strings, the buzzing didn't stop...so yeah.
the best thing you can do is go in and get them to give you a new guitar that does not have this problem, my les paul has this problem right after i put new strings on before i "tweak it" but it never shows up when im playing through and amp.
thanks for all the help, i raised the bridge saddles a little for the E and A strings and the fret buzz is down to a manageable level, so im thinking that its ok