Hey guys. I been playing an Epi SG Special till now as my second guitar and now I'm savin for a good guitar. I'm gonna go for an h/s/s mim strat and I want to sell some stuff. I have my epi which I will sell ( great condition and everything working perfectly.) and I'll sell my first act amp and then throw in a couple lesson and make it a combo starter pack. I need help in what to charge for all this. Te package will include:

Epi SG Special black finish.
First Act 26 watt amp with 3 band eq and overdrive as well as headphone and audio input.
An e-book that I will write with a few lessons to get a young rocker started.

I was thinking of charging 200 USD for all of it.. What do you guys think?
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There's this really awesome thread in the electric guitar forum totally established specifically for this exact situation.

You should check it out.
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