Ah yes, the cheescake of guitar amps. Supposedly its supposed to be a marshall JCM clone on steroids. What do you guys think? i thought it wasnt a bad sounding amp, of course it is lacking in some features, Obviously no cleans, Reverb, one channel. But i guess when you can get these heads for next to nothing, you can splurge on a few pedals to go with it. Ive even heard of FJA having some good mods for these amps to make them sound better. I found one on craigs list(just the head) for 250.

I know for a fact the cabinent that is paired is utter ****e, but i a nice Avatar 212 with Celestions would be a nice pair.

So all in all, a 100 watt all tube crunch machine at the fraction of a cost what a marshall might cost.

Opinions? anyone own one? Reliable? sound?

thats not such a good deal. best buy sells them for 300. and musicians friend sells the whole half stack for 500...
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I love mine. Sounds like you've done your research. I use pedals with mine and I use a Crate V-18 for my clean sounds so this amp works great for me. I'd like to do the FJA mods to it eventually. This head gets great ACDC tones right out of the box with no pedals.

EDIT: as you said, the cab isn't great but it could be worse. It lacks terribly in bass response.
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I played one and thought it was ****, tbh. If is a clone and a very mutated one at tha4t. Id keep looking unless you can really bring the price down.

I didnt like it. Some people will for its price/whatever.

Its 100 watts tube that will never be cranked full probably, the preamp volume changing is kind of ****, you wont be able to crank it to get the power tubes roarin'.
Ive always thought if this amp even had a clean channel on it, the price could be doubled easily. As far as cranking it, ive thought about cutting down the power section by removing the outter power tubes and changing the Ohms, anybody else ever try that?

Itd be nice to hear what the FJA Cleans sound like, that guy is a genious though from what i hear.
It's supposed to be more of a clone of the Marshall Plexis.

It's not a bad amp for what you pay. But it's complete lack of versatility, basic as basic can be construction and Peavey's tendency to make stuff in china to do it on the cheap are the things that keep the cost down.

It's a great buy if all you'll ever be doing is classic rock crunch and maybe some low gain lead work, but if you ever plan on branching out into other styles, it's gonna struggle to pull it off without a bunch of pedals which will probably cost as much as the amp itself.