I've been recording for some time now, recording directly into garageband, using a digitech USB pedal, various other pedals, drum machines, synths, bass, mic, etc. I've always had trouble mixing everything to sound even, but I've usually been able to work it out, and smooth everything over with a bit of tweaking, layering, etc. All my songs sound fine through headphones, computer speakers, and most stereo speakers. But when played in a car stereo, everything harsh sounds HORRIBLE (by harsh I mean heavily distorted guitar, and screamed or yelled vocals). It sounds like its being played through a wall of mud or something. Just plain ****ing horrible...while through headphones it sounds perfectly fine and crisp. Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a solution? This is really pissing me off, I've put a lot of time into these recordings.

By the way, if this is relevant, I play mostly progressive/alternative/stoner metal. I dunno...like The Cure meets Electric Wizard. Kinda. If you need to hear it to give me advice, just ask, and I'll upload it to a myspace account (don't have anything uploaded yet...would like to iron this out before I do).

If you need more details, PLEASE ASK!

Thanks for any advice, I will be forever grateful
Studio Monitors.
Get a pair of M-Audio ones for 200-300$.
This is the only way to hear what your mix really sounds like