Just got this in the mail. Looks and smells new other than the split on the top right side of the cab. I posted about this earlier and was advised to inspect it before plugging it in.

What should I do / look for?

Can I play it like this at low (married guy around the house) volume or does it have to be strapped up or repaired first?

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You could play it, but I'd imagine it would rattle around a little. I'd get some wood glue and seal it up overnight, test her out in the morning.

Oh yeah, I'm assuming it's that spider valve where the one corner isn't connected
Its a spider valve 212 and the link should work now. The whole right top joint is split at the seem.

For now I was gonna use a tie down strap to get them to mate back up again.

Im not to sure about just using wood glue. I have to press very hard to get them to mate back up again. Plus since it weighs about 75 lbs, I wouldnt feel to sure about trying to use the handle to lift it in the future.

That not really a problem since it will just sit in the house all the time.

Is wook glue all they use in the first place, or are they mitered, screwed, etc.?
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To be honest, I don't know what they use, I haven't opened too many amps. I assume they use dovetail joints, but that's probably giving them too much credit.
Worst case: it doesn't hold. Just be careful not to get any on the circuitry.
I kept assuming someone else would post in here, but no such luck.

Keep updating, let us know how it turns out