Let me know what you guys think!

Worked pretty hard on this, the girlfriends' doing keys, me on all guitars.

New Song (Finished, Untitled).zip

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sounds middle eastern but that might just be my midi sequencer. sounds tight though, i want to hear some real guitar
I liked the intro with the keys alone and when the guitar first came in with the chords, it gave it a very eerie vibe. To me, the solo sounded a bit strange just going over the keys alone so I would recommend keeping some type of guitar rhythm underneath it, this would also help with the transition into the riff around 40 seconds in. I was thinking you were going to start some riffs but you did another solo here, so this just makes me think even more that a guitar should be underneath it.

I think the lead you start at around 55 seconds should have some type of rest between it and the solo before it. The first two solos just seemed to be shred to me, but this one sounds a lot more melodic and has been my favorite so far. The riff at 1:08 seems to come in a bit randomly to me just because before all it was was keys and a lead going. I like the riff at 1:25 by itself and liked it even more once the keys joined in. I also like the riff at around 2:05 but I think there should be something else going on with it, either a lead or keys. I'd suggest keys over another lead just because of how many leads you've had so far.

2:20 was a nice change with the clean guitar even though it did come in a bit suddenly, I still enjoyed the part. For some reason I just can't stand the rhythm that comes next and goes under the lead guitar, I just didn't like that riff at all. The leads in the next section are alright, I really prefer a bit more melodic leads like the one you had around 55 seconds so I guess I'd be a bit biased.

Overall though it was a good song, nothing great but certainly not bad. I think if you had even more keys it'd help to fill up your sound with the song. The main thing thing I didn't care for too much with this song was all the leads. I really enjoyed the one that started around 55 seconds, but the others weren't too memorable for me. I honestly could see how a lot of people could like this song though, its got some really good parts, just not really my type of song.

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That was great. It could be a fantastic metal song if it had some bass and drums adding in. Pretty awesome riffs too.
I'm a real sucker for middle-eastern style songs, I really liked it, would be real great if it got some bass and drums going.
I suggest adding some held chords for the keys, it would really bring out the middle eastern feel