You’re silent
You feel no joy
You’re doomed by the alcohol
Slowly killing your body

Try to see a figure of hope
In the darkness which embraces you
Your eyes remain open
Transfixed upon that distant dim light
Which keeps you alive with its hope
It flickers, about to die
Leaving you all alone for a second
Only to reappear
Closer, brighter
It seems within your reach
Tempting you to throw it all away
To lunge towards it with all you’ve got

Smile as you promise yourself
This is it
This is all you’ve ever been waiting for
All you’ve ever needed
And you lie to yourself enough
Convince yourself that this is it
As you take a deep breath
Prepare yourself for what is yours
For what you think you deserve

Its dark again
The lights gone, far away again
You can barely see it
You smile again
For a different reason
Laugh at yourself for having been so naïve
For imagining that you could have had it

You’ve been too used to the light
It takes time to get accustomed to the dark
And emptiness slowly seeps back into you
As you realize how dark it is,
How insignificant the light has become

All hope is not gone
Its just too far away to feel again

You’re not sad
You’re not angry
The inevitable has happened
You’d been expecting it
You’re just dead. Inside.