First, I want to thank the members of this forum for helping me make an informed desicion on my first electric guitar purchase.

It's an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I got it from Daves Guitar shop in LaCrosse, WI. They had a lot to choose from but this one called out to me. I love playing it. I am hoping that I can learn the basics on this one before stepping up to something a little better.

Anyhow, I got the guitar, strap, and new strings installed for $230.00. It is a 2004 model.
The only thing was it's missing the pickguard but I really don't care.

It was cleaned up pretty well, but it's got some fingerprints on it now. Overall it's in good shape.

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Congrats dude good luck with your guitar learning experience
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beautiful guitar. i too recently got a LP, and love it as well. you will really enjoy playing it. but i can't stress enought how you will need strap locks. LP's are known to be heavy ass guitars. they will stretch out your strap out and the guitar will fall off of the strap. you might wanna invest in getting those.

Well, to tell you the truth, i hated my epi LP studio, so i sold it after two months. But congratulations i gues
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