who doesnt know harald and kumar.

EDIT: keep in mind I dont give a toss if you like them or not, but if you have never even heard of them, I hate you.
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I don't think they're funny.

Just saying.

All the kids I don't like at school think they're the funniest **** ever when really,
they're not.
Blindfolds aside I'd probably still close my eyes

And try to feel a trembling fetal life inside
that shotgun barrel that's about to make me bleed

Like an ulcer in the stomach of the beast

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your sarcasam amuses me

I thought you just randomly said that until I read the title and the post together.

Good one.
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You're never sober when you're on here.

this is the first time in two weeks that I've been drunk on U_GH!
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Yeah, and I've gotten over my crippling addiction to boba milk tea.

congratulations, addictions are a bitch....
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You're never sober when you're on here.

not everybody is Kensai
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For Christ sake she probably couldn't get to the center of a Tootsie Pop let alone suck your **** properly. Just get someone your own age you tosser.
I'm sorry, who?
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
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I want some white castle now. Damnit TS you make me hungry.

You should go on a crazy/fun trip to your nearest White Castle with a close asian or indian friend.

Craziness will follow.