Well I know a few guitarists but most of them suck. The ones that dont suck are already in bands and stuff and its IMPOSSIBLE to find bassists, singers or drummers that aren't already in bands.

So, Is it worth putting out an ad or should I keep looking?

I know a few guitarists that go to other schools, It'll take a bit of messing around on facebook or something to get into contact with them. I don't really want to do that and still, i need a bassists, drummer and possibly a singer.

I'm 15 so finding musicians the same age, into the same type of music and atleast slightly dedicated is hard. I could be a waste of time putting an ad up since most sitesthat let you post ads are full of 17+ year olds.

Put an ad up: Yay or Nay?

EDIT: You can see some of my music in my profile. Its all done with MIDI.
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get ready to waste your time with non-commital and untalented people until you're at least 18. It's hard to find devoted musicians at a young age, lots of people are in it for chicks or to look cool, or its just a phase. Speaking of chicks I'm starting a cover band soon with all girls (except for me) It's gonna rock
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Just chill and practice/learn more till your 18, not anyone worth looking for before that age.

I suggest you look at websites for people around your age from 14-18 even. . . like I did.

All that matters is how good you can play the instrument.
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Do it. After almost 20 years of trying to find the right musicians for my original band, I finally found them.... on the net.

As much as druz15 has a point, those afflictions don't go away after the age of 18. However, they do diminish. But! By the time you get to about 25, 95% of those players you know now will have dropped out of the game. There are way fewer players out there, but at least the ones who are are committed.

Maybe as you're looking for members, ask yourself "is this a person will will still be at it when he is 30, or is this a guy who will be lost to attrition before he's 21, or somewhere in between?"

Even when you're 30, look for members who have the same goals you do. Ask them why they want to be in a band, what they hope to get out of it, what goals they have, etc. These are important questions, no matter how old you are.

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It could work, I found a couple of awesome guys who I played with and even gigged with once right here on UG. It was great, but then they went to Uni.

Bad times
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My coverband found me on the net. The entire coverband was found on the net really. It works. And listen to Chris, bud. Really.
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What wrong with playing with 18+ year olds?
I have a singer who is 20 in my band now and I'm 15. And we're loving it. As long as you're mature and dedicated, you'll get somewhere no matter the age.

I'd say you should keep within 10 years of your band mates though. Just to be safe and to have the same kind of mindset.

If you can't work with people from the net then ask the dedicated people that are in other bands that are your age to join 2 bands. It's deffinantly do-able provided both of you aren't playing shows every week.


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Put an ad up: Yay or Nay?

EDIT: You can see some of my music in my profile. Its all done with MIDI.

Yes man you definantly should, Im 18 now, and ive been lookn around on the net and everywhere else for musicians for a few years, its good to build up a network of musical friends and stuff, people to gig with and jam with, its never to early to start looking, just dont be too trusting before you meet the people.
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