So this was written as a poem. I don't know, I'd just like to see what you think.


To you, it's an addiction.
To me, it's just a choice.
To you, it's just a killer.
To me, it is a voice.

To tell me not to worry.
To tell me not to cry.
To tell me not to run,
from the fears I have inside.

To shed a ray of light
into the shadow of our hearts.
And let us shoot a smile,
rather than be torn apart.

How can mother nature
create such a terrible thing?

She cannot.
She is a goddess.
Her intentions are pure.
Her creations are flawless.
She could provide a cure.

To the hatred in this world:


Killing mothers, breaking homes.
Turning brothers into enemies.

But I digress.
I really don't need it.
You're my best friend in the world.
And that far succeeds,

the chance to get away.
Grow my wings, and fly.
To inhale some freedom,
and surpass the limitless sky.

I would stop breathing for you.
So this is a small price to pay.

And so to keep our spirits kindered...
...Wingless, on the ground, I'll stay...