Hey guys. I am a n00b to this forum, but I have been playing guitar for 20+ years. My problem sounds like a 'dumb' one, but it has me perplexed.

Lately, I tend to break "D" strings at a ridiculous rate - about 1/month. I purchased a MUSIC MAN Silhouette Special guitar, which I love playing.... but I really have a tough time with the D strings. (For some reason it is just the D, not the other five.) I figure the problem is due to one of three things: The guitar, the strings... or me.

Guitar - I bought the Silhouette Special new about 2 years ago. It has Shaller locking tuners and a vintage trem. After dealing with broken strings for a while, I sent it back to Music Man and they said everything is tip top. I think it probably is OK, but I still wonder.

Saddles - I replaced the stock saddles with Graphtec 'String Saver' saddles. No help. I am not too impressed with that product.

Strings - I have been using Ernie Ball Super Slinkys for years and years. I never had much trouble. I even tried their Titanium coated Super Slinkys, but still broke a D. I know strings just come down to preference, but do you guys think DR, Elixir or others would hold up better?

Me - Well, the breakages seem to always occur when I am strumming "A" bar chords. Usually during a 'hard rock' song with a heavy strum, and most likely on a down stroke. I play with a 1.0mm pick. I am self taught (that means I had a real lousy teacher), so my technique is likely not ideal.

Well, any advice would be great. Changing strings ain't so bad, especially with the Schaller tuners. But during a gig it can be a real challenge getting through the rest of the song without a D string.
Check your saddles for sharp edges and any other area that could be causing the breakage
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Well if you've replaced your saddles that likely isn't the problem. Where do they usually break from? Like the tuner end, or the bridge end?
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
maybe your nut needs work?
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The strings break at the saddle. That's why I was hoping the 'string saver' saddles would do the trick.

What's this about the nut? It looks like it is still in good shape.
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Well, where does the string break?

The next time a string breaks, take both ends out and put them together on the floor so you can see where it breaks, next month, if its breaking around the same spot, it could be your guitar.
Maybe the problem isn't the saddles themselves but rather the place wher the guitar enters the body (so under the saddles. Maybe rub some graphite on that bending point. Or even scoot your d saddle back a little in order to decrease the angle.
Tommy thats an interesting idea. I am just not sue how to make that change. Without screwing up the intonation. I guess I could take it to the local guitar repair shop. (Note - they put on the graphite saddles, so it would have been nice if they mentioned something about that.)
I stepped upon the platform, the man gave me the news
He said, "You must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?"
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