Hey guys, i was looking at speakers to replace my Vavlekings Stock Speaker, and i was looking at either Celestion or Eminence, but i dont know which one to get. Theres a whole buncha different kinds, and i was hoping you could help me out

I play mainly metal, stuff like Bullet for My Valentine, All That Remains, etc.

Thanks guys!


on a side note (I didnt wanna make another thread, its getting late) does anyone know any good cases for my ESP LTD EC-1000? I looked at the one made by ESP, and people didnt seem very happy with it from the reviews, so i was wondering if anyone knew a good one i could get for it.

Thanks again Guys
I believe there was a thread not too long ago about using a Eminence Texas Heat in a VK with great results. Might be worth searching around for anyway.
Good luck!
I reccomend against the Clestion Vintage 30.
Try the Celsetion g12t hot 100 or
the Celestion g12K100
I had the g12t in my valveking and loved it
G12K will give you big bass presence and supposedly sounds better than the vintage 30
Also,check out the 2 valveking threads
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