ok so heres the deal, i have been researching the ibanez s320 and i think i want to buy it. i have seen videos of it being played so i (somewhat) know the sound. i have another ibanez with the same neck so i know how the neck will feel. is this a bad move? no shop near me sells it so i cant go in and test it out
Ehhh, most of your sound is going to come from the amp/effects/whatnot you're running it through, so there's really no telling on that.
The feel of the guitar in your hands is far more important than the way that it sounds when someone else is playing it.
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Greatest thread ever.
I can't see why not. I mean if you can't return it I'm sure you could do something to make it sound better to you. But I wouldn't worry to much with Ibanez they usually provide really good quality guitars.
Definitely a better idea to try it first but you can go ahead and get it first if you have no chance of trying it.
I bought a guitar once without playing it. I plopped down $1100 back in 2000 (mail order)for a Gibson Goth Explorer, never played one, and never had even see one in person!

I was fully content with my purchase once it arrived.

If you know the neck, know the pickup setup will work for you, and you like Ibenez's already....you are most likely going to be happy with it.
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Ibanez are overrated. Its a guitar you want to play first before buying thats for sure. I have only bought 2 guitars w/o trying them first was my ESP ltd m107 seven string when it came from musicians friend it was not set up one little bit was a headache. my 2nd was a schecter c7 that i got just a couple weeks ago and that arrived set up from the same place. my Razorback v I also didnt try out but I did play one a couple days before I placed bid on it on ebay so I knew what I was expecting.
If you have a good relationship with a local music store, they may be willing to order the guitar for you, allowing you to check it out and get it properly set up for your needs before you buy it...on the assumption, of course, that you will buy the guitar from them if it meets your approval.

If it doesn't, they can add it to their stock or send it back as "non-conforming goods" or some such.

It might cost you a little extra, but its a nice way to go.

I did this myself, with my first 2 electric guitars- a Dean EVO Special Select and a Dean Time Capsule Cadillac. The store's techs (check my sig)- guys who know more about guitar than I ever will- checked out the guitars before even calling me to inform me they had arrived, so I knew the guitars were in as good a shape as they could be.

By the time I got there, everyone wanted to see what I thought of them. They were GREAT...except the Caddy was the wrong one- a black 2 pickup instead of the tobacco-burst quilted maple with 3 pickups that I ordered. They contacted Dean.

A couple of weeks later, the right guitar arrived, in the hands of a Dean company rep. It was everything I wanted. The rep was so concerned about the snafu that he offered the black Caddy to me at a discount. He was practically begging me to take it to avoid hard feelings between Dean and my store. I couldn't afford it and told him so- the one I wanted + the EVO was about the limit of my budget, and he couldn't give me the other Caddy for the price of that EVO.

The store kept the other Caddy, and sold it quickly. Apparently, some other people had seen mine and were very, very interested. Now, they're one of the biggest Dean retailers in Texas.
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