My friend got (for free mind you) said model from her uncle.

Needless to say, I'm jealous.

It's been chipping paint on the bottom-front (not sure if the paint is original) and she wanted to know how to go about fixing it, what to use etc...

Here's some pikchas:

(They're big and will take awhile to load)

http://cnc3-online.net/geetar 1.jpg

http://cnc3-online.net/geetar 2.jpg
WTF! NO! Do not touch that paint.
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Uhh... any one else he should be shot for even considering doing this?

If you really must get it redone. PLEASE do not rattle can it!
Well first of its a she I'm asking for and what's rattle can?

Also apparently it doesn't work either, anyway to fix that?
Well, tell her its old, and nice thus she really doesn't want to finish it because there is only one way that guitar get to look old, used and sexy like that, and that is with 44 years of being a guitar. A rattle can is one of the paint spray cans. And if it doesn't work it could just be wireing, or the pups died/magnets demagnetized in them. Yes there are ways to fix it, if it is wiring, then the wiring just needs to be fixed. If it is the pups, it just needs new ones.

Or we could just mail it to me and I'll love it.
Beg her not to paint over it. It's got the wear and tear that a guitar of that age should have, it's beautiful
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Sexy, I know it's not the pit but... Have sex with her and steal it while she is in the bathroom...

If there is anything wrong with it it isn't the finish.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Many collectors say that the checked (cracked) finish on older guitars actually makes them more valuable than having a perfect finish. The cracks are caused by a specific mixture of lacquer. It's thought that the particular lacquer mixture that caused the checking also gave the guitar superior tonal qualities. Refinishing the guitar will destroy the resale value and hurt the tone.

Don't touch the finish. If your buddy doesn't want a guitar that looks like that then he should sell it and use the money to buy something he does want.
Not taking any online orders.
whatever the value of that guitar right now (my guess-timate $1200+),
it will drop to about HALF that, if you refinish it.

the bridge on that one was made for a wound G string, so if you use a light gauge set, you won't be able to get proper intonation.
the good news is: you can get a replacement with the saddles in the right position for a plain G, that will drop right in.

that two pickup version is very desirable even though the Melody Maker pickups are wimpy.
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If it doesn't work, could be ****ty wiring or a dead volume pot. Pickups themselves don't just DIE and the magnets are probably still good, provided they aren't the biggest ****tiest magnets ever made. My '63 Hofner works just fine. Soundclips on the profile [/plug].