Hi all,

I'd consider myself a beginner still, only been playing a few months of guitar. I initially bought a beginner guitar set with the amp included. The amp broke after a short time, so i ended up borrowing a mates amp he didn't use, but recently he has requested it back.

I just need some advice on what amp I should be going for, and some peoples experience with the said amps.

Embarrassingly, I don't have too much to spend on an amp at the moment, and it is a mere £100 ($150 approx) or so. I will be looking to purchase a better priced amp in the future when I'm more advanced with it. I don't plan to really gig with it, I usually play in my room. But am sometimes joined by a friend who also plays guitar or bass.

I'm not really looking for a heavy metal tone or extreme high gained tones to play with (wouldn't mind having the option though as I do wanna learn some nu metal songs). I am more of a retro rock, alternative rock, indie rock etc like Muse or Killers, but aiming to play some blues, soul etc. I would like some versatility as I do have random episodes of attempting to play random songs of all sorts of genre's. I do enjoy lead guitar more than rhythm.

I don't really understand the difference in sound between a SS, modeler or Tube, and with my price range I doubt I can afford a tube amp (would like to as i hear good things about them). New/used is fine for me, though eBay seems to have the bottom listed amps for 100 or less used so seems like the main option for me.

I recently bought a Fender Strat Mexican, so I really wanna hear it put to it's full potential (was £430).

If it helps I live in the UK, London area, there isn't much guitar shops around my town to go try different amps (had a nightmare trying to find a guitar to play as Im a left hander) The shops that are around here I know of mainly stock Marshall's and other very expensive amps, so I am somewhat limited to trying before buying which is I know very vital.

My decision is being narrowed to 4 different ones:

Peavey Vypyr

Roland Cube

Vox VT15 Valvetronix Modelling Amp

Fender Frontman II Frontman 25R

Although I'm open to more options!

If anyone has any advice on which would be a bit more suitable for me, or better or even their experience with one of them, it would be greatly appreciated.

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They're all good amps, but I really didn't like the Cube my friend had. Seemed to be good for metal and metal alone, and even then it squealed like a pig no matter what he did.
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Head over to a shop and play them. There aren't many amps under 100 gbp. Either of those should work fine.

Edit to your edit: The frontman is poop
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I'm using an 08 Mexican Fat Strat with the 30 watt Vypyr... Gorgeous, warm sound... I don't play metal either, but more blues/jazz/current poprock (That is, Matchbox 20, three doors down, etc,) with some John Mayer attempted thrown in.

Great amp, and I've never been unhappy with the sound, or the fact that I couldn't find a sound I wanted. Thumbs up to the Vypyr.

If you CAN, I reccomend jumping up to the 30 watt... about $50 more American, but gets you a 12 inch vs. 8 inch speaker, 12 stompbox effects, and MIDI capability, for pedals/upgrading the firmware. Also, it's obviously louder. The 30 is good enough for a small gig, wheras the 15 is being pushed a bit.
EDIT to say: I didn't need the 30w over 15 w either, but the price difference/rewards were pretty noticable. I'm happy with my choice.
Hey thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it.

I've been searching around and it seems like Vypyr seems like the most recommended amp for my budget. Though I've been thinking bout it, and decided to be a bit flexible with my budget and go possibly up to about £150. Not much of a increase but it seems like this puts me into the somewhat minor tube amp league (if bought second hand even) such as Laney's LC15, Peavey Bandits 112 (if i stretched the budget to breaking point) or some other low end tubes (open to recommendations).

Is it worth getting tubes of this end or should I be sticking to a good Modelling amp such as Vypyr or the Cube.

Keep the opinions coming please! Much appreciated!
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Yeah stay away from the cube. From experience, i would definetly go for either the fender or the vox! Just need a play on them to decide.