I've been playing for a little over a year, and I just got to where I can fluently sweep pick.

This is within the last few weeks, which is also when my wrist began to hurt. If I arch my fingers to reach the higher frets/lower strings, my wrist aches. If I clench the fretboard and have my hands diagonal, which is okay for chording, my wrist doesn't hurt.

It's never really been that noticeable until I was just running through the end sweep on Between the Buried and Me's Mordecai that I had a sharp pain in my wrist, and I think that having my hands arched like that has ****ed my wrist up.

When I squeeze on my wrist, I feel it separate and it clicks, as well as aching badly. My right wrist, however, does not separate.

I'm not going to play for about a week (*shivers*) and see if it clears up, and try and correct the technique.

The bad part is I play football and we have to max out on bench press and squat tomorrow before we start our off season training...

But after that I'm going to be chilling out until it's healed up.

So, ultimately, I'm actually trying to ask, is my ****ty form for sweeping via the uncomfortable arching what's screwing with me? What is the correct position under the neck to do it correctly. Note I have huge hands/fingers.
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Don't fap so much
Jk but you may want to get that checked out if it doesn't get better
I'm right handed, so I don't think fapping has anything to do with it...

But yeah, I do need to slow down. Chaffing sucks...
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Hi, I'm looking for some fruit, I can't decide between apples and oranges.
Which one is better?
That same thing was happening to me shortly after I started to play and I had begun playing about eight hours a day or so, I had a syst (sp) build up on my wrist bone and was actually pinching my nerves, I had my surgically removed, took about twenty minutes and I got all the morphine and loratabs I could. Seriously...lots of drugs haha. Go see a doctor, mine actually got really bad before I did anything it got to the point when I could not move my wrist at all.
dude..stretch before attempting sweeps, my wrist has been like that to the point where ill buckle in pain from a push up. started stretching and a lil massaging to get the blood flowing before and after playing.

go to youtube and watch petrucci's rock discipline, check the first vid for stretches. It helps big time. I wouldnt stop playing though, just if you feel pain stop immediately and stretch it out. Injury's dont go away with just rest, proper exercise does the job