im feeling emo right now, so what better to do than write an emo poem right?
please feel free to tell me what i need to work on and what i did right...

Everything’s dark
As I fumble in sand
I grab hold and look up
It’s the reapers hand
He grabs hold of my wrist
And there’s a feeling of doom
As he drags me along
To a freshly dug tomb
“This tomb is yours”
The reaper replies
I say to myself
“It’s full of lies!”
He takes me down under
To a place called Hell
Where the bad are to stay
Where all the demons dwell
This is all too real
I can’t be dead!
And I open my eyes
I’m sitting in bed
I’m perfectly safe
I’m not really dead
But a shiver crawls up
From a feeling of dread
I calm myself down
But then I look up and see
The grim reapers face
Staring back at me