Hey guys.

Okay so I was hanging around in a local music store today, and I was just sitting jamming a bit, playing a bunch of stuff, like Opeth, Sabbath, Rush, Max Wesbter, etc. Anyway, I was just sitting around minding my own business and this guy comes over to me.

"Excuse me, do you work here?"
"Hmm, well you probably know. I'm getting my son his first guitar, and I don't know what amp to get him. What's the difference between these ones?"

So I did my best to explain the basics about the two amps, what I knew, to him. Then he spotted the Randall Kirk Hammett signature amp, so I told him about Randall, and about who Kirk Hammett is and stuff. Then finally the guy who worked at the store came over. So I ducked out and said "He'll probably be of more assistance than I will." and I purchased some strings and left.

But during our conversation, the guy said

"I'm going to be getting the boy some lessons here, unless... Do you do lessons?"

And I said "Oh... no.. I don't. I don't think I really play guitar enough to be honest."

I got home and told my mom about it, and she suggested that I really should start teaching guitar. I reckon I could teach some kids who are just starting out.

Unfortunately, I know only bits and pieces of music theory. Enough to get ME by, at least.

But I am seriously considering giving it a try.

So do any of you teach guitar? And do you have any advice on good techniques for being a good teacher?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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well if u only no enough about the basics give it a shot. but if u no deep inside that u cant do it then dont

basic skills are quiet simple to teach, and even when ur teaching its a learning curve to see what works best and also can help yourself with some skills as well
Eh, personally I wouldn't do it.

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I've also been wondering the same question. I don't know a whole lot of theory and I'm not exceptional but I know I could teach some kids the basic stuff. From what I've seen, it probably depends on the age range and talent of the guitarist your teaching. If they're just starting out then go for it cause it takes a long time to build up to theory anyways.
If you have been taught by a good guitar teacher, I don't think you need to have some insane ability to be able to teach beginners. Just do what your guitar teacher did for you.
I actually had the same thing happen to me, I was testing an amp and the salesman was helping this kid pick out his first guitar and amp, he ducked out and the kids mom asked me the difference between tube and solid state amps so I explained it to her then the salesman came back and kinda looked at me and continued helping them, its all cool though Im in there every week so they know who I am and that I have a good amount of guitar knowledge to share.
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I get that in stores all the time too, and I see it happen to lots of other people. Clueless Dad/Mum walks in looking for Baby's First Axe, asks whoever is playing the loudest at the time. It doesn't help that in all the local stores, the staff look just like the customers and are all lazy buggers so to be fair it is very hard to tell who actually works there.

As far as teaching goes though, no. Unless you're really good (you should be playing gigs on a regular basis, and I don't just mean the occasional friend's birthday party or a tiny bar gig to 30 drunks) and you're really confident you know exactly what you're doing, it's not fair on the people you'd be teaching to try and teach them.
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Make sure you teach chords and scales and useful stuff. not just give them tabs and show them how to play :P
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Well, there's something very important to realize, especially with something like playing guitar.

The ability to perform is not the same as the ability to teach.

Obviously you need to know what you're talking about, but there are plenty of people who know all kinds of theory and can play amazingly well, yet make horrible teachers. Conversely, there are people who don't necessarily play as well as that, but have the ability to teach others what they know much better.

The fact of the matter though, is this. Teaching is a skill that comes, like any other, with practice. And its a great one to have. Paul Gilbert will tell you himself, that his teaching of other players played a big factor in him being the player he is today. Not only does teaching players (of all levels) end up showing you a lot about your own playing, but learning to be a good teacher means you (naturally) can teach yourself better.
learn more theory and make sure you have good technique and try teaching you friends how to play first so you can get used to teaching people
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Occasionally I do teach but I do it for free. I teach those who cannot play guitar at all. I don't charge them because they're my friends and I don't think it's fair to charge when I am teaching them the very basics especially when my theory knowledge is very minimal. It is fun though. If you think you're good enough to teach certain things, go ahead! But make sure you don't pass them any bad habits if you have some.
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Starting out by teaching for free sounds like a good plan. Its rewarding, and you'll be suprised how much you learn yourself too. Have fun
i teach at a very basic level, the hardest part is getting your students to practice between lessons, find something that interests them to play and your sorted
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Thanks for your help and opinions guys, and don't be afraid to keep them coming!

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