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hey guys,

so im writing this song and the chords are

Dm Am Em Am

I think Im supposed to use the Am to figure out the key out what i solo in. I think its A, but maybe A flat.

If someone with more experience than I could help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks
A minor, not A flat
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"its in the key of D minor, i find songs in this key makes people want to weep."
"its called Lick My Love Pump"
Dude, you should try use more imaginative chords.
A B C D E F G, A minor / C Major.

Edit: A minor pentatonic would work.
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Dont worry if its the chords you want use them it doesnt have to be technicle if you dont want it to be and it in Am/C the other options for you to use are F,G,Bdim in the progression
im pretty amatuerish so im a little lost jc. are you talking about chord progressions using the A natural minor scale?
the Aelion scale might sound better than pentatonic But its about the sound you try Also Try phygian i find it nice for sad songs
A minor and C major sound great with that. Can someone explain to me why its Am and not Dm? I was assuming the Dm was the root chord when i first read it... Confused slightly.
you guys are starting to get a little over my head. i think i get the chord progressions but the aeolian scale is over the top. i looked it up. is the root not supposed to be the note A on the low E string?
and on the A minor notes with C, F, G, Am, etc. Does it matter what order aside from the root note?
Thats how the Chord scale Works out it go C,Dm,Em,F,G,Am,Bdim its Music theory Its how the traids work out with the differant degrees of the major or minor scales
well just play the aeolian scale like the Am Natural scale and it will work out sorry if i confused you
I would say In general Use the Notes you metioned above to create A melody or harmony solo what ever you prefer its up to you and it doent mater what order you use them in I try to accent certain note but thats up to you
There is some terrible advice in this thread.

Firstly, the first chord of a song does not always mean that's the key. If I was to pick a key from those chords, we'd be looking at Aminor, thats the home key. The Dminor leads into that Aminor, and it's not uncommon to hit chord V before going to I, in a verse, or chorus, or whatever.

A minor pentatonic will work fine over that. Play the chords and sing a melody over the top, even if you can't sing well. Bottom line is play what's in your head - play what sounds good. Write out the triads for each of those chords. (ACE for a minor, EGB for E minor, D F A for D minor). Then play around with the Aminor pentatonic.

It works because all those notes more or less fit over the chords. Even on the E chord, notice the G and B. The G is the 7th note of the A minor scale. So if you use it in the right place, it works fine. And the B is the 2nd, which can also work fine, especially just in passing, or as a suspension, or whatever you want. Take note of the names of the notes you are playing and relate them to the chord.

But more importantly, develop your ear. Listen to a song on the radio. Listen to a chord progression. Hum a melody in your head. Make something up. Translate this to your guitar. It's important to know the theory, but more important to play what you feel, with the theory in mind.
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I kinda already said that And I said the combo of chords he is using it usally Am/C If you wanta break it down there are some Jazz progressions Only using Like the V,II but I didnt say nothin because ITs not the case the progession Is clearly In Am/C
ive been trying to use some chord progression generators to give me some ideas. In the key of C i can do 6m, 4, 5, 6m. Am F G Am. would that still be the key of Am? or C according to the generator.
If he was Goin for a key change He could Go to anywhere Dm or whatever I doubt thats the Case I was Trying to give Advice Someone new or that dosent know about thoery can understand But Most people Woulnt even know what youre talking about

You're not making any sense whatsoever. The key is A minor. Am/C is when you have an A minor chord with a C in the bass. That's not the case here. I never mentioned anything about a Jazz progression. Having a 7th note in the scale does not make it a Jazz progression.

drywater101 to answer your question,

If you are going A minor, F, G, A minor, you are in A minor.
I what trying to say that you dont need the root to even be in the progressin and some jazz progressions dont
Woah fellas! take it ez on each other. no need to bash.

i really do appreciate all of the help everyone has given. much love
And Further more Im play the progressin right now In the order He put it up In With a Am Aeolian scale it sound great If you Dont believe me try it
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