I decided to spend more on an amp, because I am going to be in a band and therefore wattage for a bassist is important. I just want to know if this is good.
(By The Way, my budget is roughly $450 so recommend stuff in that price range.)


iv heard really good things about the amp
dont know much about the bass though
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BeastEdit: Although it would be best to just save up until you have $600 and just get the VM with the B200.
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The Rogue bass is quite bad from what i hear. Although acoustic amps are good. I'd try to get the squier vm that they mentioned personally.

If you manage to find them at a local store you could get them to lower the price a bit because you're buying them together. You can haggle prices at guitar shops.
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Is the speaker in those acoustics 8 ohms, cause if it isnt and you cant add an extension cab to help with volume, and you cant lean it back to project volume, i dont think theres much point in getting a 200 watt combo.
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Ive also heard bad things about rogue. Maybe save up a little more and get an Ibanez? GSR200 is only 200 bucks, and I've heard great things about it.

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get a ibanez gsr200 and an acoustic b100 it is the best rig in your price range
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