I'm looking for moderately priced recording hardware and software for my laptop pc. Any suggestions, reviews, etc. would be appreciated.
i use adobe audition3
i can record straight out of my amp onto my laptop
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I mic my amp and run the mic into a POD Studio. As far as software goes I just use audacity. Most people say my recordings sound good.

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Lol. He said TonePort.

Those things sound like ****.

Sure the amp models aren't great. But who says he is going to use them? It's just as good as any interface if you mic your amp up.

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EBMM JP7 Dargies Delight II
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use that freeware DAW (i dont remember its name) until you want to invest in something better, and then get a Firewire interface, an XLR cable and a decent multipurpose mic.
what type of recording are you looking to do? just your guitar, maybe rehearsals, demo's. depending on what you want, you may need more or less stuff.
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Chea_man is the best.
I bought Cakewalks Sonar Home Studio 250 last year for $199. It comes with a re- badged Edirol UA25 (around $250 by itself). It's a pretty good deal. You get a top notch sequencer as well.

Here it is for $99....

Another plus is that you can get upgrade prices for Sonar 8.