I've been thinking about my picking style lately and I'm starting to think I'm not really holding the pick right lol. I've been playing for about a year and I've always held it with three fingers (my thumb,index,and middle.) I guess when I use three fingers I have better control over the pick. Does it really matter how I hold the pick or was this a bad habit to develop?
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what i normally do is fold your index kinda into a ball, place the pic over the top part of the finger where the nail is, then put your thumb on it.
its heaps easier to control your hand that way, because u can twist your wrist to play strings and move your arm to switch them
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it just depends on what youre playing. i switch how i hold the pick alot. for example they way that zamir666 suggested i use when im playing faster. because movement of the wrist is much easier when youve got your pick clamped like that. whereas if im string skipping i hold my pick similar to the way you hold it because it provides better accuracy and distance from my fingers to the strings themselves. it also allows me to move my pick away from the strings easier (as better to skip them).. anyways its good that you realized how youre holding your pick, and see what ways it benefits you and which ways it hinders you. and always explore new ways. examine how pros hold their picks, its helpfull.
Ok thanks, so there isn't really a wrong way to hold a pick? It just depends on the person and what they're playing.
Neverender:SSTB 4/19

Goddamn this cursed iron fist. When I lose control!

[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']You, sir, win epically.
There is the way you're "suppose" to hold it...which is laying parallel to your index, then "wrapped" over the top....but honestly I think holding the pick is like holding a pen. You do it your way, if you can play the style you want to play with no problems, then it's a good way.

My problem is my pick always slips =( lol My hands get sweaty and it likes to jiggle free.
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