I recently fitted a Stetsbar vibrato to one of my guitars, and though it worked okay at first, recently it's developed this rattling sound on the three highest strings.

It's not fretbuzz (it happens even with open strings and I use a high action - and anyway, I can hear it clearly coming from the bridge), and it's very loud (louder than the strings themselves). It kills the sustain. It sounds like something is loose in the tune-o-matic part, except I can't see anything loose and nothing feels loose. I've even over-tightened everything and it still rattled.

Bizarrely, it only seems to happen on the highest three strings when I play an Eb, E or F note. Never anywhere else. The worst places for it are the 17th fret of the B and the 12th fret of the E where it's so loud the pickups actually pick it up and I can hear the rattle out the amp - though it also happens in every other place where I play an Eb, E or F note on the E, B and G strings, just not quite so loud.

Anyone have any ideas? I was going to ask the stetsbar company themselves but they don't have any contact details if you have problems.
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