"Oh god, just another noob who can't use google..."

Well no, that's not the story. I searched for hours and hours. it's an instrumental i think a ton of you will enjoy, but one problem... what is it?

if you are interested, why not check this short vid i made on youtube?

I thank you for your help. It's not often i come to UG so if you CAN help me (or even want to ) then it's appreciated immensely.

Here's the link. Enjoy!

I can't put my finger on it... :S
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Jason Becker maybe?
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Ah im not sure, Id like to know though, sounds a bit Eric Johnsonish to me?
Well thanks for the help guys. keep trying if you can. im going to look up some more eric, see if it helps.

EDIT: Just contacted the Esquadrilha Da Fumaca (Brazil Smoke Squad). They can't help me right now, but they say they will be back in Dayton in feburary, and I should ask again at that time. None the less, I will keep searching...
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Hercules Attala is a similar artists i heard... thought it may be him. but it's not... i got in contact with him today, because i like his music.

I just got what you meant, and you right back to where we started from XD


Still searching myself here...
See if this helps anyone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgT-WsLH2LE