I have this rather interesting riff in use.
And I just need a UGers opinion on how this is as a whole?
It's not finished at all, maybe just the intro.
But I could really use some wise pointers.

Crit for Crit as always.

Thank you!
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TBH, I didn't like the notes which were out of key. (atleast they sounded out of key) It is interesting though, the lead part makes it a bit different to the majority of metalcore pieces.

I think you should throw in some mathcore influences after this, ignore having melody for a while. It is sometimes a flaw in metalcore when bands just overdo how much melody there is in the song. Sometimes they have lead parts the whole way through the song and it just gets frustrating.
track 1, the b string- fret 4s need to be fret 5s. that sounds much better
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