hey there, im thinking about getting some new pickups for my epi lp, something a little more upmarket. I'm not after any particular sound, just one that will do extreme doom and groove/thrash types of metal, that will handle heaps of gain but also be able to do mellow cleans and blues tones, of course that would be a bonus im more after an extreme sound. I'm not really interested in emg's, but other than that, can you sugest me some good humbuckers to check out? i had a look at bare nuckle pickups, they sound decent?
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If you want to play some emo music, I recommend using these settings:

Gain: 0
Bass: 0
Mid: 0
Treble: 0

Master Volume: 0

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seymour duncan sh 14 custom 5 are the most used for changing pickups to an epiphone les paul,i did with my epi and sounds great!!if you want a more aggressive pickup you sholud buy a seymour duncan distortion sh 6