Yesterday I packed up to come home from a holiday at a relatives house, and I put all my guitar gear into my bags (pretty carefully). I get home today, and my amp, guitar and all my cables work, but my pedals (a Boss MT-2 and a Boss GE-7) don't work. When I plug a cable into the input port on either of the pedals and press the stomp button, the red 'check' light comes on, but there is no sound at all, (no humming either) with the effect on or off.

and check your batteries. It's probably something small
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Very strange. Boss pedals are extremely solid and reliable, i doubt there's any damage from the trip.

Double check your connections, check the batteries (or the power supply).
Other than that, though stuff...

EDIT: now that i think of it, last christmas (dec 2007) my Boss MD-2 acted a little weird one night... But never happened again.
What i did then was remove the input and output jacks, removed the battery, and i let it rest for about 10 minutes.
[Didn't check the battery because it was brand-new, i had bought it the day before, or something like that, so that couldn't be the problem.]
10 minutes later i reconnected the battery, connected everything, and the problem just disappeared.

Sometimes it's just small, stupid stuff, like bad contact, or some humidity that formed inside (happens a lot when you carry stuff from a cold place to a warm one, and vice-versa. That's why you shouldn't operate your gear right away after moving it).
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Tried turning all the volume knobs up, tried using a power adapter with the Boss MT-2, and all the cables work and they were all plugged in securely, so I'm absolutely stumped.