ive been really interested in trying to play some santana esque music. but im barely sure on so much as the genre of music.

if anybody could help me out with some information?

are they even using western scales?
According to wikipedia:
Latin rock, hard rock, rock, blues-rock, jazz fusion, psychedelic rock, Post-Grunge

Supposedly there are alot of guitarists with similar styles, it's just he is one of the few succesful ones.
i barely know what jazz is. but i thought this could be close. ive been waiting to get into jazz. i have a jazz theory coarse next semester. so that should help me out a bit

and i dont wish to be as successful as him. hes absolutely amazing. i just like some of the elements he uses. i know they could be used for rock, metal.
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I'd call Santana Fusion with distinct Latin roots.

He mixes elements of Jazz, latin, funk, rock, blues and pop in his playing.

His earlier work are also 8 minute+ long jams which almost go psychedelic at some places.

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