Hey there I could use a little help here please,
I'm a U.K citizen and want to buy a guitar from the US that is £340, the postage is £60 US Priority Mail. I am happy with that part, but I'm trying to figure how much UK Customs will charge me to import the guitar.
I'm hoping that it won't be too much but with this money grabbing government I know its a false hope. I've read that it could be over £60 itself, could anyone confirm that? Also has anyone had any experience with importing goods from the US into the UK? Thanks a lot!
ull have to pay tax, and post office handling charges. i paid £4 + £8.80 on an £80 effects pedal so
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i brought a strat back from the usa a few years ago. got charged full VAT (17.5%) plus import duty of about 6%. not cheap.
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You'll have to pay customs duty and import VAT (I'm getting this from the google search I just did on "UK customs charges" btw)

So 15% of the goods value on VAT and a possible 0-25% on duty.
I understand that I have to pay customs duty and import VAT - I've been on google all morning... so I'm not oblivious to this. I was just wondering if anyone had actually imported anything of similar value and what they had to pay? Thanks to those that have replied so far.
Might be wrong, but if it's a gift you wouldn't need to pay tax, problem would be proving it's a gift
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