is that a fender strat he plays on this trackor a telecaster?

is it the same guitar as in the vide?

what guitar is that in the video? as in what type of strat? it's his soul power one..?

so many questions!
He uses Soul Power for standard tuned songs, for which I believe Be Yourself is in.

From Wiki:

Fender Custom Stratocaster "Soul Power" - Originally a Factory Special Run (FSR) released at Guitar Center. Black with white binding, a color-matched headstock, mirror pickguard, and the words "Soul Power" scrawled across the top of the body in silver paint. It has an Ibanez Edge Floyd Rose Tremolo, locking nut, a toggle switch wired as a kill switch (He uses the 5-way pickup selector to switch through pickups), a Seymour Duncan Hotrails pickup in the bridge and Fender Noiseless pickups in the middle and neck positions.