Hi all, I'm planning to get an Engl Screamer 50 watt head in the next few weeks, and although I could get a cabinet as well I'm a little tight on space. I have seen various threads about using guitar heads with a bass speaker, and seeing as I have an Ashdown EB12 with a speaker out this would save on space.

So I just want to clarify - if I plug this amp using the 4 ohm speaker out as listed there into the speaker of my Ashdown which lists the minimum impedance as 4 ohms, they will work fine and not blow up?

For anyone feeling really helpful, any idea how well the speaker might handle if I really turned up the master volume on the head?


Guitar into bass no problems it bass into guitar speakers that tears things up. As long as the ohms match shouldnt be any issues.
it'll work, would sound better with a guitar speaker but I understand the importance of space >_>
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The ohm's don't have to match - just make sure the ohm spec on the amp is less than the ohm spec on the cab.

If there's a miss-match, your volume will suffer a bit.

Never plug a lower ohm cab into a higher ohm amp though - that could blow your amp.