Sometimes its meant to be. I was in Guitar center the week before Christmas looking at "Sales"... As usual, lots of the same ole same ole and low and behold.. On the rack with the high dollar stuff I saw " Clearance" price..Like most guys I am a sucker for "great Legs" or a "deal". I have been looking about upgrading my old ax " a shecter c-1 classic", which buy the way is a really nice Guitar. I needed a Back up anyhoo. The guitar In question was A Taylor solid body electric. The normal Price was 1800.00 which is almost Gibson LP money and I would not have considererd this Taylor because of the Asking Price brand new. The Sale price was 1090.00 $ and I asked the sales puck to get it down from the rack and let me try it out. This was the "standard" model with Taylor Humbuckers. Fair enough. It had a great sound to it played through a Mesa amp. Heavy enough for what I play and yet sounded really nice polayed "clean"... The sales guy brought out the case and asked what i thought of it. I said the "guitar sounded Pretty decent" but I just didnt have that kind of Bank for it. He said ' if i bought it today he would let me have it for 900.00 out the Door!. I told him i had to clear it with the "Boss" and that I doubeted she would let me Have it. LOL, I left and ran home to get my credit Card and came back in an hour and bought it. Now, i know one of you A holes is gonna comment about taylors in general and also about Taylor solid body electrics in general but all i can say to those people is "eat my dirty shorts"... This guitar Rocks and who is gonna argue with me that a 1800.00 guitar, brand new. for half off isnt a insane deal !! The sales puck said that it had sat on the rack for months and that nobody was interested.. I Love this Guitar.