I am a very new bassist(as in I can do a few rather simple bass lines), and I think this slap bass seems very interesting. How would I go by learning it, and it is doable from the start or do I need more basics?
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Probably better to learn more basics. You need a lot of hand strength to do it well, and by the sounds of it you probably won't have it yet.

You're better off just sticking to basics for now until you get stronger. Good on you for asking though, a lot of people think it sounds a bit too hard and don't bother.
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On slapping on a bass:
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Yeah you do need alot of hand strength. Its pretty difficult and i learned a few months ago, i play alot of korn and thats how i learned. I pretty much just self taught or used you tube. maybe not the best way to learn but hey, i learned didnt i?
Yeah they are hard to find but when you do find them thier helpfull. Just search anything Victor Wooten

Those are helpfull
Slap-bass may be very fun but difficult. so i must say "LEARN THE BASICS BEFOR THE ADVANCED STUFF!"
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