Okay guys, Ive decided I want to buy a Valvetronix as my second amp, because down here in Australia everything is so damn expensive.

Now, im just going to be using this amp as practice in my room and maybe very rarely a small gig. Should I just go with the AD15VT or should I save that bit extra for the AD30VT for any reason?

As far as I know both amps are practically identical apart from the wattage. Although the AD30 has a power level adjuster so you don't have to play it at 30W volume.

May be worth the extra money just for that lol
Also, with the 30W, you can use the footswitch to change channels and toggle effects on/off.

It's a great amp, get it!
Both are pretty much the same, the wattage control thing still makes no sense to me, it's a solid state amp, turning the wattage down should make it sound worse when you crank it up, which it does imo. The amp sounds better turned up, to a point, but once you start maxing its volume, the low-end starts to flub out.

I have the AD30VT and if you're going to use it for a gig, make sure it's miced, because you're not going to be heard over a drummer.
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Get the VT30 or VT15 instead of the AD30/AD15.