Right, because I've recently been made redundant ( ) I can no longer afford the dsl head/cab I was after.
Anyway, Im attracted by the Valve King head - good sound at a good price. Two of my friends play them and they sound good.

Just wondered though, if I got the 100watt head, could I plug it into my 50watt SS combo?
I know 100watt tube is miles louder than 50watt solid state, but at bedroom levels would this be okay until I got a cab?

Or, should I not even try it and settle for the combo :/
You can't just use a combo as a speaker cab. You can use the speaker in the combo if it disconnects and is rated for the appropriate amount of ohms and watts.
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you need a speaker that will more than cover the watts of the head and will match the ohms.
you also need to install a jack to direct line to the speaker.

so, that's no in this case.

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Okay, thanks!

It was just a quick fix solution to getting the amp now I guess.
I dont mind waiting until I get another job and saving up.

Damn credit crunch!
For a quick fix solution build yourself something like whats in the picture below.. I built this and installed it on my Ampeg, works like a charm.

And as long as you match the ohms up to the head and dont crank it you should be fine.

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