Pretty dumb question here but whatever.

Is there a single person that we can "blame" for starting to hand their guitar/bass below their waist or was there really no one true originator and it was and still is to some degree sort of a trend ?
Hetfield's explorer was always pretty low, but there is no one I can really think of other than him o_O
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Page maybe?
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Maybe people found it more comfortable in the 40's and 50's than having it way high but never made it famous.
people did it before but I can't think of it becoming a trend until perhaps Cobain

but then again I was a toddler around that time
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I guess 70's punk did it first, perhaps it started with bass players and went on to guitar players. A lot of modern punk bands look ridiculous now with their guitars by their ankles.
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Hetfield made it famos in the 80's but Page was doing it way before him.
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I'd say Jimmy Page, cos it was him who Johnny Ramone got the idea off. Then the spread to Nirvana/Metallica etc starts from there.
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1st person i remember seing do it was sid vicious, but ofcoarse that was bass but may well have cought on from there, i find it very uncomfertable anyway, stresses my wrists to no end. concidering sidcouldnt play for toffee i doubt it bothered him too much
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Probably a guy who didn't know how to adjust the strap.

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Probably a guy who didn't know how to adjust the strap.

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There is noone who looks cooler when playing guitar than Al Pitrelli. That mofo plays his guitar down lowwww
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Jimmy Page is the person most associated with a low-slung guitar.

Although Keef Richards has his pretty low...I can't find a picture of him in the 60's, but if he plays it low today without his wrists disintegrating, he's probably been doing it the whole time

EDIT: Townshend played his Les Paul really low. Never noticed until now
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Steve Clark from Def Leppard had his down around his knees.
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