Hey guys please don't be scared for this big wall of text because I really need your help!
I have this MIM 2006 Fender Strat Standard (with everything stock)for a bit more than a year now and I decided that I wanted to change the pups and maybe some other stuff as well. I first wanted to sell it and buy an Epiphone but I figured that changing the pups would be a better and maybe "cheaper" solution.
It's an SSS setup and I want it to change to HSH(please don't hate me for it). Now I read all the "read this first before posting" topics but that didn't totally cover up what I wanted to know and was hard for me to understand as well. I don't exactly know what pots are in there and if I would have to cut anything below the pickguard to fit the humbuckers in and I also don't know what I have to change to wire it from SSS to HSH. I won't look below the pickguard right now because I'm to scared too brake anything. Now if you guys could help me how to do this exaclty I would appreciate it very much, I also wondered if someone who is good with electronics would be able to wire it without knowing much about guitars(no it's not me). I also wanted to change the volume/tone knobs because I don't totally like the look of those and want it to look a bit more custom. I looked at these: http://www.wdmusic.com/dome_knob_abalone_shell_cap_blue_black.html now I wondered would you guys hate me if I would change it to those kind of knobs because I don't want to rape my strat and offend the whole Stratocaster community(because it looks "extreme" maybe), so I would appreciate your opinions on this. Also I have a hard time finding a good looking HSH Strat Pickguard, even wdmusic doesnt have HSH pickguards for a strat except for a custom one but that will get too expensive for me. The only HSH strat pickgard I have seen is a regular black one, so I wondered if you guys know where I can find a more "special" HSH pickguard that ship to Europe/Holland(look at my picture for something that fits with the finish maybe?). I could also instead of buying a more "special" pickguard just buy the regular black one and put a graphic on there(which I would do myself I guess).
Now I also wanted to discuss which pickups I would put in there, the middle single coil I'll leave the stock one because that one sounds good enough for cleans for me.
At the neck I was thinking about either a Dimarzio PAF Joe or a SD Alnico Pro II. I'll use the neck pickup mostly for chording/rythm but also playing notes and the tone/music I'm aiming for is (classic)rock, shred, hard rock and cleans should be doable(I wondered if that's doable with the PAF Joe) so basicly very versatile but not too high gain, I want to have good sustain and a warm fat tone and be able to do harmonics well and it shouldn't be (too) muddy and also be sensitive to my guitar volume.
For the bridge pickup I have a harder time deciding,I was thinking about Dimarzio Tone Zone, Evolution2, Mo Joe, Evolution, Air zone, Breed, Super Distortion(pretty much every dimarzio pickup:P). For the bridge pickup I want a hot pickup that is good for solo's and the heavier stuff(heavier/hotter than
the bridge pickup). I also want good sustain, good harmonics and I'm aiming for a more "traditional" tone than modern. From the Dimarzio sound samples(yes I know those aren't probably very accurate because of the other gear used etc.) the Super Distortion, Mo' Joe and Evolution sounded best to me(from the ones above).
From some of the artists I know I like Joe Satriani's(mostly on Revelation, Andalusia, Surfing with the Alien, Satch Boogie, Crystal Planet and Searching) and Steve Vai's(mostly on Bad Horsie, Jibboom, Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix, Tender Surrender) tone a lot but I also like Paul Gilbert's(mostly on Curse of the Castle Dragon, Scarified Space Ship version, Technical Difficulties and Straight Through the Telephone Pole) tone as well.
my guitar specs: MIM Fender Standard Stratocaster with Alder Body, Rosewood fingerboard and everything stock
Amp: Koch Studiotone(not mine though)

Well this was my big wall of text, I hope you read everything and have some if not all answers for me(and maybe even enjoyed reading it:P), it would be very very much appreciated. I apologise for incorrect spelling, wrong names, wrong information, misunderstandings, weird explanations and what not, it's maybe because I'm Dutch:P. If you have any other recommendations that I didn't list I will take a look at as well. Thanks in advance
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is there any possible way to summarize that cuz I'm sure you'll get more help if you do

edit: as for wiring there are several good and easy to understand wiring diagram sites and there are some even on here
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I don't think I can summarize it really well except that I have no idea how to wire the pickups, what pickups I exactly want, which pots I need and where I can get a good looking HSH Strat Pickguard that ships to Holland. Maybe if you could give a link to the "easy" wiring site, I hope that's without the technical things because that was my worst subject in science class.
heres the site that helped me and before i wired my guitar i had never wired anything before


Or I've heard talk of Seymour Duncan's site being helpful with wiring but I myself have never looked

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except I have 1 volume and 2 tone knobs instead of 1 volume and 1 tone knob thanks for the help though looks understandable I guess

edit: after watching the Seymour Duncan website I found this:http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=lilhum_sing_lilhum_1v_2t_5
it says 1 HB, 1 SC, 1 HB, 1 volume, 2 tone, 5 way switch
except when I open that page it says lil humbuckers instead of regular humbuckers and I guess that wouldn't work out when I use normal humbuckers or would it work anyway? What about the pots it says 250k on there would that also be ok with the humbuckers? It looks doable though if everything would apply to normal HB's as well.
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I think that is what you truly need... at least the closest i could find. It has your three pots and the wiring for singles and humbuckers are the same... if not wait for one of the electronics guys to mosey his way in here
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^ I don't think those lil' humbuckers are the same as normal ones and do I need to change the wiring diagram and the pots maybe because of that you think?