Hey guys i have an Austin guitar, its one of those wal mart models u kno, which ive redone, new paint, pickups the whole shebang...but as i was changing strings the other day the nut split right at the slot for the E string. I asked a buddy of mine how much this repair runs and he said it could get pretty costly because the piece has to be filed to fit the guitar. Is this true, is there anyway i could get the cost down a bit?
I dont think it's too pricey. If you know the measurements I'm pretty sure they sell them precut.
same thing happened to my fender starcaster, changed to heavier strings and the plastic nut broke, now i have a bone one or some sort of tougher plastic, it cost me $35 for a custom filed nut and strings, the guy had to make one from scratch so that wasn't a bad price