i just learned "taylor" by jack johnson the other day and i really like playing the intro riff. just looking for any suggestions of acoustic riffs that you find fun to play / sound cool.
the riff in general by dispatch is pretty similar to that song.
John Mayer heart of life is really fun. Plus, it's a bit challenging at first.
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The intro to Crazy on You by Heart.

omg I just learned how to play that, I love it! plus it totally owns. haha too bad half of the kids my age have never even heard of Heart, so I have to play for my parents
Keep learning Jack Johnson songs. Quite a few of them have some pretty cool sounding little riffs.

Or, you could always go SRV acoustic. Seriously. A bunch of cool blues runs in the middle of songs on an acoustic is awesome.
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I like Layla Unplugged or try an acoustic Version of Outside Woman Blues...but whatever you do don't play Layla Unplugged in a music store, you'll get a frown from the staff...xD...it's one of those smoke on the water things now when in store. lol.