I am very new to this forum and could do with some helpful pointers. I realise that I should try and crit posts that I feel either need crit or touch me deep and are worth a word of praise.

However, I’m very new to writing material in any form, especially lyrics for songs. I feel very hypocritical telling people what is good/bad about their writing when, tbh, I don't really have a clue what is good/bad!

I'm not learned in writing styles, techniques of imagery etc etc that I see so many people mentioning. Basically, who the hell am I to tell someone their work isn't very good when most of mine is probably 10 fold worse!

I understand almost everything is a matter of opinion, but I've got a bad feeling my opinion isn't worth the pixels it takes to display on your screens, but, I do want my work critted and know the site works in a kinda "If you crit me I’ll crit you" way. So, any advice on criting will be great. PM if you feel it will be easier, or point me to a thread that undoubtedly covers this and I have missed.

If you go and look at anyones lyrics, read then and try to take it for what it is, give honest feedback and tell them what you "think". If you particularly don't like it, try to explain why and where it needs improvement, If someone has posted a song or a poem they want feedback, they want your oppinion or else they just don't have friends to show them to.
I have posted a few songs and got absolutely no feedback! It's so frustrating to have 35 people read my work and not have anything to say about it! I eventually just deleted them because I am not trying to inspire them to take my consept and write their own song off of it, I wanted oppinions and never got them. So if you read it, even if you don't have much to say, Say Something
Welcome to our S&L forum!

This thread is about to be closed because the forum is for songs only.

As for your opinion, don't worry. You'll get used to things here, and everybody has respect for a valid point or a pat on the back no matter who its from.