I want to buy a good USB sound card for recording my tube amp, vocals and bass guitar.
I need something with a mic preamp and a Hi-z input.
I did a lot of research but i can't decide witch would be the best for me.
Now i'm looking at M-Audio Fast Track Pro, E-Mu Tracker Pre or Edirol UA-25EX.
And i really don't want to spend more than 300 Euro

So far the M-audio is the most attractive for me because i can use Pro Tools M powered with it.
I bought Cakewalks Sonar Home Studio 250 last year for $199. It comes with a re- badged Edirol UA25 (around $250 by itself). It's a pretty good deal. You get a top notch sequencer as well.

Here it is for $99....

Another plus is that if you buy this, you are eligible. for upgrade prices for Sonar 8.
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You did say euro. My bad.

You are on the right track though - shop for the bundle.