hi all, first time i've ventured out of GGnA in a while

im trying to learn something to jam with other than a minor pentatonic scale and i came a cross a C major scale: C, D, E, G, A which is the same as an A minor pentatonic scale, A, C, D, E, G

so i play a 12 bar blues in C (CFCC, FFCC, GFCC) why wont an A minor pentatonic solo fit in?

or does it? is it just my ears?

any suggestions for useful scales while im here?

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the notes of Amin pent should work fine
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A minor pentatonic should work fine, its the relative minor of C major which means they correspond and will bpth work over the same key
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Firstly, that is the C major pentatonic scale. The C major scale is C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

To answer your question, the notes in the A minor pentatonic will work fine over something in the key of C. This is because the notes in the A minor pentatonic scale are also in the C major scale.

When your tonal centre is A (when the song sounds like it should finish on A) if you play these notes you will playing in the key of A minor and using the A minor pentatonic. When your tonal centre is C you will be playing in C major and be using the C major pentatonic.