What do people know of these exams?
Have they been helpful?


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I know of them, but haven't done them. I would assume they'll be helpful as long as you put the work into understanding the material, and not just jumping through the hoops of the exam.
I've done the grade 5 theory associated board exam (ABRSM is one of the biggest classical exam boards) and I got 93 out of 100.

The content of the exam is very good as it covers everything from intervals to rythm to candences. However, being a classical board the questions are all very classically orientated so all the questions use standard notation and some questions are related to writing music in standard notation (eg. correct beaming and score writing) or about classical music (eg. meanings of foreign terms (stuff like allegro, just harder) and knowledge of orchestral instruments).

Also, the exams miss out stuff that is not used as much in classical music, such as naming chords more complicated that major and minors. Also, it doesn't teach how to apply theory much (although learning the stuff really helps composition anyway).

^To freepower: These exams are quite good because they have accompanying books for all the grades which guide you and give you exercises so if you complete the books properly you end up with a fairly solid knowledge of theory.

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I've done those too.

I assumed he was referring to these - http://www.popularmusictheory.org/

My bad, I assumed that was just a sentence.
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