I've been thinking about buying a new acoustic for a while now.
Reason being that I got my dad's old classical acoustic, and I use it at least as much as my electric. But my dad's acoustic is about 30 years old now and just doesn't sound great, it's all bent aswell.. Most stuff I play on it are acoustic 'rock' covers, so no classical stuff, that's why I wanted to buy a steel-string.
The thing is, I'm not a real guitar expert, in fact, I'm still quite a beginner, especially concerning acoustics.
Ok, what I came up with so far is that I probably want a solid top, since I heard that it sounds better. Also I'm looking for an acoustic with a cut-away, because I feel like I will want to use the higher frets. For the rest, I'm not sure.. My budget is around €400, which is like 550 dollars?
I'm going to a rather big guitar store in my country (I reside in the Netherlands) tomorrow, and was just wondering what guitars I should definately try-out.

Thanks in advance for helping
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You should definitely check out an Epiphone Masterbilt. They're seriously good guitars.
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Ok so I went to a big guitar store in Holland yesterday to try out some guitars.
The guitars that really got to me were a Martin DX1 and a Tanglewood TW145SC.
Sadly they didn't have the guitars that I wanted to test out they had like no Epiphones at all and not the Fender and the Yamaha that I wanted to tryout either.
So I wanna go to Germany somewhere next week to go to an even bigger music-store and try those guitars out aswell.
So what I got now are:
- Martin DX1
- Tanglewood TW145SC

and guitars that I still want to tryout:
- Fender CD-140SCE
- Yamaha FG730s
- Epiphone Masterbilt / Hummingbird
- Takamine G340SC

I also tried out the Seagull S6 at that store, but that didn't get to me that much..

just stay away from companies that make well known electric guitars, the exception though is epiphone.

seagull s6 is pretty good but if it doesnt suit you nothing can really change that.
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Well it could have also been bad strings on the Seagull, the acoustic part of the store wasn't that great to be fair.. The Martin had old strings on it aswell..
I'm not ruling it out yet, though I don't really like the headstock.. but that's secondary to sound.
I just really want to get to another store and try more guitars! Can't wait to finally have a good acoustic to call my own