I'm gonna get a Jackson RR3 in transparent red or crimson swirl, and i wanted to know two things
1.Can it handle Drop C

2.How would it sound with a Dimebucker and a seymour duncan invader or duncan preformer detonator in the neck

My current set-up
-Fender Starcaster
-Digitech RP 90
-Digitech Death Metal Dist. Pedal
-Raven RG20 amp(practice/recording)
-Fender 165 watt Ultimate Chorus(gigging)
-I'm Planning on getting a Dime CFH wah or a ibanez Weeping Demon
-I sometimes split the signal between the Ultimate chorus and the RG20 for tone

I dont care about your opinion on my Starcaster, its an okay guitar, and I play Avenged Sevenfold, BMFV, and Pantera Style stuff
If you set it up right, any guitar can do Drop C.
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i set mine up for it recently.
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Dimebucker and Invader are apparently not very good pickups, muddy with little usable tone.

Plenty of other passive pickups for metal.

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Matt Tuck from Bullet uses a Rhoads for his drop-C playing, you just need to make sure it's set up properly. I've heard some bad things about both the Dimebucker and the Invader.

You might want to look into a new amp first/as well, I've never had experience with either of those amps, but I'd still recommend getting a new amp that can handle metal without a 'Death Metal' pedal.
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