Before you guys jump straight to "just build you own," I just have a question about what size I should get. It's either going to be the JR or 2. I have a TU-2, crybaby, fulldrive 2, dd7 and will be getting a tremolo soon (which is about the size of voodoo lab tremolo. I think the jr would work but would be a tight squeeze but the 2 would allow for expansion. Just trying to get a little input from people who have pedaltrains. Thanks guys
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I have the Jr... i have about six pedals on it right now, an akai e1 headrush, rocktron noise gate, a boss-sized delay, rat, small clone, and a marshall comp on it... and its pretty full already. I'd get the PT2 if you want to mount your crybaby on it. I have a crybaby as well, but I just keep is beside the board.